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Full Title: Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics 2006 Conference
Date & Time: 15 Feb 2006 at 09:00
Event Location: Mumbai, India

No talks in agenda

Other documents for this event

OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
371-v1 OSG-CAF - A single point of submission for CDF to the Open Science Grid Frank Wuerthwein Particle Physics
22 Feb 2007
363-v1 IWLSC, Kolkata India 2006 Jerome Lauret Computer Science`
22 Feb 2007
372-v1 Distributed CMS Analysis on the Open Science Grid - Particle Physics
08 Feb 2007
366-v1 CMS Software Distribution on the LCG and OSG Grids - Particle Physics
08 Feb 2007
365-v1 gPLAZMA: Introducing RBAC Security in dCache Jon Bakken et al. Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
364-v1 An Edge Services Framework (ESF) for EGEE, LCG, and OSG Rob Gardner et al. General Operations
27 Sep 2006
369-v1 Grid Deployment Experiences: The evaluation and initial deployment of R-GMA for production quality monitoring. - Monitoring
27 Sep 2006
368-v1 Grid Deployment Experiences: The current state of grid monitoring and information systems. - Deployment
26 Sep 2006
367-v1 GRATIA, a resource accounting system for OSG - Accounting
07 Sep 2006
370-v1 Grid Deployment Experiences: The interoperations activity between OSG and LCG. - VDT
07 Sep 2006

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