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1052-v1 Campus Grids: A Framework to Facilitate Resource Sharing Derek ` Weitzel Computer Science`
Campus Infrastructure
24 May 2011
937-v1 Using Condor glideins for distributed testing of network-facing services - et al. Computer Science`
11 Jun 2010
912-v1 Use of Late-Binding Technology for Workload Management System in CMS Haifeng Pi Resources
24 Nov 2009
741-v14 Open Science Grid Privacy Policy Von Welch Policies
Security Policies
13 Feb 2009
626-v1 Open Science Grid: Linking Universities and Laboratories In National Cyberinfrastructure Paul Avery Outreach
12 Jun 2007
620-v2 OSG Audting Project Architecture Tanya Levshina General Security
11 Jun 2007
621-v3 OSG Auditing Project Proposal Tanya Levshina Historical
11 Jun 2007
574-v1 Accelerating Medical Research using the Swift Workflow System Ian Foster et al. Biology
05 Mar 2007
146-v2 GNARE-GADU: An environment for Grid-based Genome Analysis Alex Rodriguez Biology
22 Feb 2007
241-v1 Grid Education and Communication Soma Mukherjee Training/Education
12 Jan 2007
131-v5 OSG Accounting System Project Charter Philippe Canal et al. Accounting
19 Oct 2006
135-v5 Interactive Data Analysis on the “Grid”, David Alexander, Bala Ananthan David Alexander VOs
22 Sep 2006
33-v2 Operations Issues Leigh Grundhoefer General Operations
21 Sep 2006
39-v1 LCG and EGEE operations experience Ruth Pordes Historical
18 Sep 2006
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