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RBAC in Open Science Grid: OSG Role-based Authorization Architecture

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Abhishek Rana
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Abhishek Rana
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02 May 2005, 21:35
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02 May 2005, 21:35
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02 May 2005, 21:35
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05 May 2005, 13:58
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14 Nov 2006, 11:40
05 May 2005, 14:09
A discussion of Role Based Access Control (Authorization) in services on Open Science Grid. Services considered are based on a high-level classification: Compute Elements and Storage Elements.

This document was presented at the GriPhyN All-hands Meeting (April 27-29, 2005) at ANL, Argonne.

Owing to a focus on architectural layouts, all diagrams may be considered work-in-progress.

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