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Enabling LIGO Applications on Scientific Grids

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Mari Herrera
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16 Aug 2005, 09:10
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16 Aug 2005, 15:09
Enabling LIGO Applications on Scientific Grids
This work demonstrates how to port existing LIGO data analysis and monitoring applications to a grid computing infrastructure. We have gained important experiences especially through enabling LIGO DMT (the Data Monitoring Toolkit) monitors to be executed across the LIGO Scientific Collabration (LSC) data grid. An application specific software layer is essential to hide technical details of grid computing from end users (mostly gravitational wave physicists in the LSC). These expertise are potential to be applied to future deployment of the Open Science Grid (OSG) infrastructure for LIGO applications.

In particular, an prototype implementation of a LIGO Data Monitoring (LDM) environment is demonstrated using a DMT monitor that calculates r-statistics of two LIGO data streams. LDM handles users' data monitoring requests by automatic data locating and submission file generation. LDM is configured with details of the LSC data grid services so that users are not required to bother to input these infomation manually. Users are interfaced with a LIGO friendly language instead of the more CS flavor Condor language. During the demonstration, the data monitoring request will be issued from a user desktop at MIT using LDM, data will be located at the LSC cluster at Caltech, and finally execution result of the DMT monitor will be transfered back to MIT.

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