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Grid Application Toolkit

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Grid Application Toolkit
The Grid Application Toolkit (GAT) provides application developers with a set of coordinated, generic and flexible APIs for accessing Grid services and middleware. GAT is designed in a modular plug-and-play manner, is distributed open source, and has bindings for most common programming languages. GAT and the GAT API sit between Grid applications and various types of Grid middleware such as Globus, Condor, Unicore or high-level Grid services such as resource brokers or data management systems. GAT eases the life of grid application programmers by providing them with a uniform interface to numerous types of grid middleware. As a result, grid application programmers need only learn a single API, that of GAT, to obtain access to the entire grid. The GAT is an effort to bring together the loose collection of services that make up the Grid and provide a common interface to these. This is performed by writing adaptors for the GAT that plug-in to the GAT Engine and provide "capabilities" to the API functions in the GAT. GAT adaptors currently include GRAM, RLS, GridFTP, GRMS, SRB, Curl, ssh.

The demo will show a simple scenario of remote data transfer and job execution using the functionality of the Globus Toolkit. More complex scenarios are realized very easily using the GAT such as migration of applications.

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