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On demand Monte Carlo Production Service for US CMS

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On demand Monte Carlo Production Service for US CMS
MCPSRunJob is a generic tool for specifiying workflows. This demonstration shows how users can select a workflow using a browser client that interacts with a Clarens based Web Service which creates and executes a workflow instance based on a RunJob workflow specification. After a user presses "Execute" in the browser client, MCPSRunjob is invoked on the server side to create and submit jobs to OSG via CondorG. The jobs themeselves are executed using the ShREEK runtime toolkit and interactive Web Services based monitoring is provided via the JobMon service. The demonstration uses a workflow that is typical for CMS Monte Carlo generation.

The aim of this demonstration is to show an application that is based on the paradigm "Me, My Friends (Tier2) and the Grid" in which we can effectively hide much of the workflow complexity for the CMS users and only expose a small set of parameters a user can modify. All the configuration and specification of the complex workflows is handled by the Tier2s which in turn submit jobs to the Grid on the users behalf.

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Consortium Mtg: Milwaukee held from 20 Jul 2005 to 22 Jul 2005
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