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Grid Deployment Experiences: The evaluation and initial deployment of R-GMA for production quality monitoring.

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Mari Herrera
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Elfrida Gabriel
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06 Mar 2006, 10:59
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06 Mar 2006, 10:59
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27 Sep 2006, 09:58
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This paper describes the introduction of Relation Grid Monitoring Architecture (R-GMA) into the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) as a production quality monitoring system
and how, after an initial period of production hardening, it performed during the LCG Service Challenges. The results from the initial evaluation and performance tests are presented as well as the process of integrating R-GMA into the Site Functional Tests (SFT). The first real end to end application using R-GMA for monitoring file
transfers is described in detail, and how this was used for the LHC Service Challenge. The job monitoring application, which handles approximately 24K state
messages per day, is also described along with the initial feedback from the users. Metrics were used to record the performance of R-GMA in these applications. These
metrics are presented along with a detailed analysis. The paper finally summarizes the experiences from this period and suggests some direction for the future.

Mr. Field, Laurence (CERN)
Dr. Schulz, Markus (CERN)
Mr. Tsai, Min (Acadmia Sinica)
Mr. Nyczyk, Piotr (CERN)

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CHEP '06 held on 15 Feb 2006 in Mumbai, India
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