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Grid Deployment Experiences: The interoperations activity between OSG and LCG.

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Mari Herrera
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Elfrida Gabriel
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06 Mar 2006, 11:10
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06 Mar 2006, 11:10
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07 Sep 2006, 12:28
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Open Science Grid (OSG) and LHC Computing Grid (LCG) are two grid infrastructures that were built independently on top of a Virtual Data Toolkit (VDT) core. Due to the
demands of the LHC Virtual Organizations (VOs), it has become necessary to ensure that these grids interoperate so that the experiments can seamlessly use them as one
resource. This paper describes the work that was necessary to achieve interoperability and the challenges that were faced. Problems overcome and solutions are discussed along with a recommendation on what are the critical components
required for retaining interoperabilty. The current state of the interoperations actively is described, an outline for the future direction.

Mr. Field, Laurence (CERN)
Dr. Keeble, Oliver (CERN)
Dr. Grundhoefer, Leigh (Indiana University)
Dr. Schulz, Markus (CERN)
Dr. Wang, Shaowen (University of Iowa)

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CHEP '06 held on 15 Feb 2006 in Mumbai, India
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