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Experiences with MC-GPFS in DEISA

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Marcia Teckenbrock
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Marcia Teckenbrock
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05 Jul 2007, 17:08
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DEISA is a European cooperation of HPC-centers. Although based
on different hardware, including Power-based IBM-AIX systems,
PPC-base Linux systems and even an SGI-Altix, a common global file
system is shared between the sites, which is MC-GPFS. Starting with
1Gbit/s network connections and an old version of GPFS, which had
some restrictions, now most sites are connected with 10 Gbit/s and a
version of MC-GPFS, which has a removed many of the former design
problems related to WAN network connections and fire wall rules.

The talk will cover the technical aspects of the installation and configuration
of MC-GPFS in the European wide context. Furthermore the advantages
and practical use of that global file system setup are shown from a user's
view as well as from a more administrative one. By Andreas Schott (MPG).

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Workshop on Data Handling in Production Grids ( w/ HPDC 07) held on 25 Jun 2007 in Monterey Bay, California
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