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SRM 2.2 interface to dCache

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Marcia Teckenbrock
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05 Jul 2007, 17:10
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The dCache team has recently finished the implementation of all SRM v2.2 elements required by the LHC experiments. The new functionality includes space reservation, more advanced data transfer, and new namespace and permissions management functions. Implementation of these features required an update of the dCache architecture and evolution of the services and core components of dCache Storage System. The new SRM concepts of AccessLatency and RetentionPolicy led to the definition of new dCache file attributes and new dCache pool code that implements these abstractions. Implementation of SRM Space Reservation led to new functionality in the Pool Manager and the development of the new Space Manager component of dCache, responsible for accounting, reservation and distribution of the storage space in dCache. The new dCache abstractions are LinkGroups that allow the partition of the total dCache space according to the types of the storage services provided and according to the Virtual Organizations that are allowed to use this space. SRM's "Bring Online"function required redevelopment of the Pin Manager service,responsible for staging files from the back-end tape storage system and keeping these files on disk for the duration of the Online state. SRM permission management functions led to the development of the Access Control List support in the new dCache namespace service, Chimera. I will discuss these new features and services in dCache, provide motivation for particular architectural decisions and describe their benefits to the Grid Storage Community.
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Workshop on Data Handling in Production Grids ( w/ HPDC 07) held on 25 Jun 2007 in Monterey Bay, California
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