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dCache, preparing for LHC data taking

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05 Jul 2007, 17:11
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Within the next 6 - 9 months, we are expecting the Large Hadron
Collider at CERN to finally go online. From the current distribution
of the dCache technology, we assume that dCache will be the storage
element holding the largest share of data produced by the involved
LHC experiments worldwide. Consequently, the dCache team is in its
final phase of adjusting dCache capabilities to fit the requested
needs for this big challenge. This presentation will
touch on the conceptual improvements of dCache between the currently
deployed systems and the version commonly known as dCache 1.8. On
the protocol level we will report on the status of the SRM 2.2
deployment and testing, the progress of the gsiFtp protocol version-2
introduction and the status of Chimera and the NFS 4.1 implementation
efforts. Some Details will be discussed as they may be of interest for
our customers. This is certainly the consequent usage of checksums for
inter dCache transfers, the redesign of the storage pool software to
cope with extremely large pools, resp. disk partitions and the improvements
on the authorization module, gPlazma. Finally we will provide information
on the overall dCache project structure and on ongoing developments. By Patrick Fuhrmann (DESY).
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Workshop on Data Handling in Production Grids ( w/ HPDC 07) held on 25 Jun 2007 in Monterey Bay, California
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