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A Quantitative Comparison Test of Workload Management Systems

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Marcia Teckenbrock
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Marcia Teckenbrock
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28 Aug 2007, 10:54
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The advent of the Grids have made it possible for any user to
run hundreds of thousands of jobs in a matter of days.
However, the batch slots are not organized in a common pool,
but are instead grouped in independent pools at hundreds of
Grid sites distributed among the five continents.

A higher level Workload Management System (WMS) that
aggregates resources from many sites is thus necessary.
There are several ways to design and implement a WMS; the purpose
of this project it to show how some of the most commonly used WMS-es (including gLite
WMS, ReSS, and glideinWMS) behave under realistic load conditions.

The results presented have been measured using the same tools for all
the tested WMS-es, comparing those results against a baseline obtained
by using plain Condor-G submissions. Tests were performed at various
load levels and with different payloads to test for scalability and
reliability issues.

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CHEP'07 held on 02 Sep 2007 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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