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Open Science Grid Software Stack, Virtual Data Toolkit and Interoperability Activities

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04 Apr 2008, 01:03
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We will present the current status and plans for the Open Science Grid Software Stack, Virtual Data Toolkit and OSG Interoperability Activities.
During 2008 our focus in the VDT is to update our support for Condor, VOMS/gLite, Globus, and other components, and add full support for resource and service validation software, storage management access through BestMan and dCache. We are improving the ability to update versions of VDT "at the side" of existing installations, and reduce the time and effort for updating to new versions of the OSG software. Support for new variants of Linux, MacOSX and AIX are also planned.
The Open Science Grid software stack supports the OSG model of interoperation, which provides service bridges and/or adaptors between distributed infrastructures and not necessarily direct compatibility between service interfaces - which we regard as an impossible goal. We have successfully demonstrated this model for interoperation with the EGEE, GLOW, Clemson and FermiGrid campus infrastructures, and ongoing work with TeraGrid.
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ISGC2008 held on 07 Apr 2008 in Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
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