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The Open Science Grid: Collaborative Science on a Shared High-Throughput Distributed Facility

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We report on the innovations and practical experience in the implementation, deployment, operation and use of the Open Science Grid nationally distributed high throughput computational facility.

The spectrum of large data science to small single PI communities that make up the OSG consortium contribute processing and storage, applications, software infrastructure, and support towards the operation and use of an open shared production facility based on common middleware. Funded by the DOE Office of Science and NSF, OSG is a unique enterprise with diversity of technology, science and communities at every level. The OSG currently supports tens of applications run across up to 60 different resources, with policies spanning level of service agreements to opportunistic use.

The number of accessible resources and the number of users of the facility are increasing steadily. OSG is also providing a living laboratory for computer science and collaborative research at all scales.

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