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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1200-v1 OSG PKI Transition: Experiences and Lessons Learned Mine Altunay et al. General Operations
Lessons Learned
02 Sep 2014
1171-v1 EGI/OSG Interoperations Memorandum of Understanding Rob Quick Interoperability
29 Jul 2013
1145-v1 OSG PKI Development and Deployment Phase Report Mine Altunay et al. Security
28 Jan 2013
928-v0 RSV (Draft) Rob Quick Agreements
06 Jan 2010
927-v0 CA Distribution Rob Quick Agreements
06 Jan 2010
926-v0 MyOSG Service Level Agremeent Rob Quick Agreements
06 Jan 2010
925-v0 BDII Service Level Agreement Rob Quick Agreements
06 Jan 2010
766-v8 Updated Map of OSG Sites Rob Quick et al. Outreach
13 Jan 2009
748-v1 OSG Resource and Service Validation and WLCG SAM Interoperability Rob Quick Communications
04 Aug 2008
731-v1 RSV Version 2 Project Plan Rob Quick General Operations
Site Administration
02 Jan 2008
659-v1 Overview of the work done by the Grid Service Monitoring Working Group Rob Quick Monitoring
05 Jul 2007
654-v1 Monitoring and the OSG Rob Quick Monitoring
05 Jul 2007
617-v2 OSG Information Management Project Plan Rob Quick Site Administration
03 Jul 2007
579-v1 OSG Resource and Service Availability Project Plan Rob Quick Activities
23 May 2007
616-v1 OSG Ticket Metrics Project Plan Rob Quick Metrics
17 May 2007
610-v1 Grid Operations - Lessons Learned -- Condor Week 2007 Rob Quick Activities
16 May 2007
535-v1 WLCG-EGEE-OSG Interoperability Rob Quick Interoperability
07 Feb 2007
533-v1 Registration Email Templates Rob Quick General Operations
Site Administration
Support Centers
06 Feb 2007
358-v1 Operations :Training Burt Holzman et al. Activities
07 Nov 2006
35-v1 Grid3 Operations Overview Rob Quick VDT
20 Oct 2006
252-v1 Installation of the Compute Element software Rob Quick Deployment
13 Oct 2006
416-v1 Operations: Experience till Now and What is Needed to Change Alessandra Forti et al. General Operations
22 Sep 2006
437-v1 Report from Operations Process Alessandra Forti et al. General Operations
22 Sep 2006
494-v1 User Support in OSG - Grid World September 11-14, 2006 Torsten Antoni et al. Support Centers
15 Sep 2006
191-v2 Operations Interfaces and Interactions Rob Quick Support Centers
07 Sep 2006
341-v1 Operations Interfaces to our Support Centers, Campus Grids, Other Grids Mark Green et al. Monitoring
Support Centers
07 Sep 2006

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