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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1108-v1 CHEP 2012 Executive Board Reports
25 Feb 2013
523-v3 OSG Change Control Process Executive Board Governance
28 Nov 2012
813-v2 The Value of OSG Executive Board et al. Reports
25 Jul 2012
1106-v1 Computer Science Research needed for OSG to be successful in 2020. Executive Board Proposals
24 Apr 2012
1091-v1 Open Science Grid proposal to DOE and NSF July 2011 Executive Board Proposals
06 Feb 2012
1090-v1 Letter to Tagpma identifying contacts Executive Board Agreements
05 Feb 2012
1089-v1 Archive of Newsletters before 2008 Executive Board Communications
04 Feb 2012
1062-v1 OSG Community Based Architecture Diagram Executive Board Blueprints
07 Sep 2011
1031-v1 OSG Data Management Plan Executive Board Procedures
03 Mar 2011
1030-v1 Open Science Grid (OSG) Operations and Systems Engineering (OSE) Services Executive Board Proposals
03 Mar 2011
1027-v1 OSG and XD Executive Board Proposals
03 Mar 2011
1105-v1 Open Science Grid Comments on Globus Supplement Request Executive Board Reports
20 Dec 2010
976-v1 A Science Driven Production Cyberinfrastructure - the Open Science Grid Executive Board Communications
14 Jul 2010
966-v1 OSG Architecture- DRAFT Executive Board Blueprints
22 Jun 2010
939-v1 National CI and the Campus Executive Board Reports
11 Apr 2010
938-v1 Requirements and Principles for the Future of OSG Executive Board Reports
10 Mar 2010
935-v1 OSG Input to Software Panel at NSF SDCI/STCI meeting Executive Board Outreach
14 Feb 2010
934-v1 OSG Reports to the WLCG Grid Deployment Board Executive Board Reports
14 Feb 2010
915-v1 Letters of Commitment to EU Projects - ROSCOE, EGI-InSpire, EMI Executive Board Outreach
08 Dec 2009
882-v1 Joint Statement of Agreed Upon Principles between OSG and TeraGrid Executive Board Reports
21 Oct 2009
881-v1 OSG Futures - Requirements and Principles Executive Board Reports
11 Aug 2009
864-v2 National Workforce Development: Executive Board Training/Education
14 Jul 2009
866-v1 Software Hardening and Infrastructure Sustainability Executive Board Communications
13 Jul 2009
1000-v1 How OSG uses GLobus Executive Board Reports
01 Jun 2009
800-v1 Open Science Grid : Contribution to the Book on Production Grid Infrastructures Executive Board et al. Communications
16 Mar 2009
831-v2 Open Science Grid Computer Science Student Fellowship Executive Board Governance
05 Mar 2009
777-v2 OSG Cooperative Agreement Executive Board Agreements
23 Feb 2009
827-v1 GridUNESP and OSG Agreement Executive Board Agreements
23 Feb 2009
811-v1 OSG Metrics Year 2 Executive Board Activities
12 Dec 2008
803-v1 The Open Science Grid Patterns and Concepts Executive Board Communications
06 Dec 2008
761-v1 New Science on the Open Science Grid Executive Board Outreach
23 Jun 2008
743-v1 One-pager for NSF visit to CERN March 08 Executive Board Resources
Particle Physics
18 Mar 2008
727-v1 OSG Institutional Project Contributions, July-Sept 2007 Executive Board Reports
07 Dec 2007
637-v2 The Open Science Grid: Submitted to SciDAC PI Meeting, Boston, 2007 Executive Board Governance
19 Jul 2007
506-v1 OSG: Summary for SciDAC2 Executive Board Governance
24 Oct 2006

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