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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1181-v1 The architecture of glideinWMS Burt Holzman et al. Blueprints
17 Jan 2014
1092-v1 glideinWMS Frontend training - UCSD Jan 2012 Igor Sfiligoi Training/Education
06 Feb 2012
1034-v1 Plans for the OSG glidein factory Igor Sfiligoi Job Submission
Strategic Plans
Site Administration
22 Mar 2011
1016-v1 An update on the scalability limits of the Condor batch system - et al. Job Submission
14 Jan 2011
1015-v1 Scalability of network facing services used in the Open Science Grid - et al. Monitoring
12 Jan 2011
1012-v1 Procs_monitor - A process-level resource monitor - et al. Monitoring
11 Jan 2011
1014-v1 Operating a production pilot factory serving several scientific domains - et al. General Operations
05 Jan 2011
1013-v1 Loadtest_condor – A workload generating framework for testing scalability and reliability of the Condor system Igor Sfiligoi et al. Monitoring
05 Jan 2011
1006-v1 Evaluation of new Compute Element software for the Open Science Grid: GRAM5 and CREAM - et al. Integration
23 Nov 2010
1003-v1 Findings of the OSG Task Force on Clemson/STAR VM Work Brian Bockelman et al. Reports
10 Nov 2010
937-v1 Using Condor glideins for distributed testing of network-facing services - et al. Computer Science`
11 Jun 2010
962-v0 A Comparison of Job Submission Methods on the Open Science Grid Dan Fraser et al. Job Submission
General Operations
20 Apr 2010
690-v0 Virtual Organization Trustworthiness in the Grid world Irwin Gaines et al. Security Technology
28 Aug 2007
688-v0 A Quantitative Comparison Test of Workload Management Systems Burt Holzman et al. Software
28 Aug 2007
684-v0 glideinWMS - A generic pilot-based Workload Management System Igor Sfiligoi Software
27 Aug 2007
683-v0 Addressing the Pilot Security Problem With gLExec Igor Sfiligoi Software
27 Aug 2007
623-v1 Certificate Attributes Handling in OSG and Common Practices for Implementing Resource Access Policies Gabriele Garzoglio et al. General Security
04 Jun 2007
607-v1 Glidein Factories - Condor Week 2007 Igor Sfiligoi Software
16 May 2007
593-v1 PRIMA presentation Vikram Reddy Andem et al. General Security
05 Apr 2007
592-v1 Privilege Priject Component: GUMS Igor Sfiligoi Software
05 Apr 2007
591-v1 gLite Authentication model - our understanding Igor Sfiligoi gLite
05 Apr 2007
585-v1 glideinWMS Igor Sfiligoi Software
05 Apr 2007
563-v1 glEXec --- experience with integration Igor Sfiligoi Security
01 Mar 2007

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