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Miron Livny of University of Wisconsin, Madison is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1138-v1 OSG - prepared for Marv Goldberg at NSF Lothar A.T. Bauerdick et al. Current Outreach
21 Sep 2012
1016-v1 An update on the scalability limits of the Condor batch system - et al. Job Submission
14 Jan 2011
999-v1 OSG DOE HEP/NP 1-year Extension Proposal Miron Livny et al. Proposals
22 Dec 2010
1002-v1 Report from the Workshops on Distributed Computing, Multidisciplinary Science, and the NSF’s Scientific Software Innovation Institutes Program Ian Foster et al. Reports
08 Nov 2010
980-v1 HTPC Annual Report 2010 Dan Fraser et al. Proposals
07 Sep 2010
930-v2 Vignettes to ASCR Miron Livny et al. Outreach
11 Jan 2010
908-v1 Campus Infrastructures and Open the Science Grid Miron Livny et al. Outreach
30 Oct 2009
772-v1 WLCG and OSG VDT Support Agreement Ian Bird et al. Agreements
23 Feb 2009
710-v1 Presentation on OSG to Nordugrid 2007 Conference Paul Avery et al. Communications
15 Oct 2007
671-v1 OSG presentation at NSF OCI Bill Kramer et al. Consortium Members
26 Jul 2007
640-v1 Communicating via files – an OSG perspective Miron Livny Outreach
05 Jul 2007
638-v1 Pleasantly Parallel Computing – Accomplishments and Opportunities Miron Livny Governance
28 Jun 2007
615-v1 Welcome Presentation -- Condor Week 2007 Miron Livny Software
16 May 2007
309-v1 GLOW - A Campus Grid within OSG Miron Livny Historical
26 Sep 2006
361-v1 GLOW Miron Livny Historical
26 Sep 2006
197-v1 Metrics and Goals Miron Livny Metrics
26 Jul 2006
335-v1 Facility Program of Work Miron Livny Historical
08 Jun 2006

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