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Alain Roy of University of Wisconsin, Madison is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1145-v1 OSG PKI Development and Deployment Phase Report Mine Altunay et al. Security
28 Jan 2013
1029-v1 Software Infrastructure Supplement for the OSG Proposal Alain Roy Proposals
03 Mar 2011
910-v0 Building and testing a production quality grid software distribution for the Open Science Grid Alain Roy Computer Science`
10 Nov 2009
819-v1 OSG Software Planning Process Mine Altunay et al. Software
14 Jan 2009
810-v1 OSG Software Tools Group: Goals and Operations Mine Altunay et al. Software
11 Dec 2008
784-v1 Expectations from External Software Providers Mine Altunay et al. Policies
20 Oct 2008
725-v1 Open Science Grid - High Throughput Computing on a National Scale - Presented at HTC Week 2007 Alain Roy Outreach
04 Dec 2007
145-v1 Condor-C Readiness Alain Roy VDT
Computer Science`
08 Feb 2007
492-v1 Challenges in a Production Grid -- Presented at Grid World 2006 Leigh Grundhoefer et al. Activities
07 Nov 2006
489-v1 The Virtual Data Toolkit & OSG Software Alain Roy VDT
26 Sep 2006
41-v2 Provisioning Breakout Thursday Notes Alain Roy Networking
18 Sep 2006
31-v1 VDT Support Lessons Alain Roy VDT
07 Sep 2006
256-v1 Virtual Data Toolkit -- Questions Answered Alain Roy VDT
07 Sep 2006

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