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Dane Skow of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
365-v1 gPLAZMA: Introducing RBAC Security in dCache Jon Bakken et al. Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
297-v1 Use of Kerberos-Issued Certificates at Fermilab Dane Skow Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
113-v3 RBAC in Open Science Grid: OSG Role-based Authorization Architecture Ian Fisk et al. Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
302-v4 Open Science Grid: Beyond the Honeymoon Dane Skow Historical
20 Oct 2006
280-v1 Opening the Open Science Grid Dane Skow Historical
03 Oct 2006
470-v1 CTSS Dane Skow Historical
29 Sep 2006
194-v0 Discussion between TeraGrid and OSG Charlie Catlett et al. Historical
26 Sep 2006
321-v1 TeraGrid Interoperability Dane Skow Historical
26 Sep 2006
300-v3 OSG Function Set 0.4 Definition Razvan Popescu et al. Deployment
22 Sep 2006
198-v5 Technology Roadmap Dane Skow Blueprints
07 Sep 2006
264-v0 Discussion of Scope and Definitions of Monitoring and Information Services Dane Skow Monitoring
07 Sep 2006
305-v1 How to Participate in OSG Dane Skow Historical
29 Jun 2006
275-v1 Summary and wrapup Mark Green et al. Historical
29 Jun 2006
272-v0 Discussion of homework Dane Skow Historical
29 Jun 2006
114-v1 Report from Deployment Activity Dane Skow Deployment
28 Jun 2005
144-v1 OSG 0.2 Provisioning Status Dane Skow Deployment
28 Jun 2005
71-v4 Building an Open Science Grid Ruth Pordes et al. Historical
09 Feb 2005

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