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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1274-v1 OSG-N5Y Annual Report (2019, June) Tim Cartwright et al. Governance
11 Jun 2019
1271-v1 OSG Annual Report to NSF (2018, June) Tim Cartwright et al. Governance
14 Jun 2018
1238-v1 OSG Annual Report to NSF & DOE (2017, June) Tim Cartwright et al. Governance
23 Jun 2017
1220-v1 OSG Annual Report to DOE & NSF (March 2016) OSG Executive Board et al. Governance
19 May 2016
1203-v1 Proposal to the OSG Council on Open Facility Support Bodhitha Jayatilaka et al. VOs
Site Administration
08 Jan 2015
1095-v1 Science on OSG Frank Wuerthwein Science
Current Outreach
21 Sep 2012
1025-v1 Any Data, Anytime, Anywhere Brian Bockelman et al. Proposals
07 Dec 2011
1033-v1 Any Data, Anywhere, Anytime White Paper Frank Wuerthwein Blueprints
11 Mar 2011
1015-v1 Scalability of network facing services used in the Open Science Grid - et al. Monitoring
12 Jan 2011
1014-v1 Operating a production pilot factory serving several scientific domains - et al. General Operations
05 Jan 2011
1013-v1 Loadtest_condor – A workload generating framework for testing scalability and reliability of the Condor system Igor Sfiligoi et al. Monitoring
05 Jan 2011
983-v1 Assessment of Core Services provided to U.S. ATLAS and U.S. CMS by OSG Lothar A.T. Bauerdick et al. Reports
04 Oct 2010
937-v1 Using Condor glideins for distributed testing of network-facing services - et al. Computer Science`
11 Jun 2010
923-v1 OSG Space Management Proposal Brian Bockelman et al. Storage
03 Feb 2010
930-v2 Vignettes to ASCR Miron Livny et al. Outreach
11 Jan 2010
840-v3 Space Accounting/Storage Requirements for Gratia Brian Bockelman et al. Deployment
21 May 2009
844-v1 Open Science Grid - A Virtual Facility - Input to DOE ASCR ESNET workshop Frank Wuerthwein Outreach
05 May 2009
118-v1 Interim Executive Board Report Frank Wuerthwein Governance
23 Feb 2009
128-v1 Me - My friends - the grid Frank Wuerthwein Governance
23 Feb 2009
766-v8 Updated Map of OSG Sites Rob Quick et al. Outreach
13 Jan 2009
786-v1 Opportunities for Nuclear Physics to benefit from Grid Computing Frank Wuerthwein Outreach
Nuclear Physics
28 Oct 2008
710-v1 Presentation on OSG to Nordugrid 2007 Conference Paul Avery et al. Communications
15 Oct 2007
694-v0 Frank Wuerthwein Outreach
28 Aug 2007
693-v0 CMS Software Deployment on the Open Science Grid (OSG) Paul Avery et al. Particle Physics
28 Aug 2007
670-v1 The Open Science Grid - Presented at HEPAP Meeting, July 13th, 2007 Frank Wuerthwein Communications
17 Jul 2007
652-v1 Moving 100TB a day across EGEE and OSG - A CMS Perspective Frank Wuerthwein Particle Physics
05 Jul 2007
578-v1 proposal for CA vetting from Open Science Grid Frank Wuerthwein Policies
Security Policies
15 Mar 2007
371-v1 OSG-CAF - A single point of submission for CDF to the Open Science Grid Frank Wuerthwein Particle Physics
22 Feb 2007
444-v1 OSG Grid at the Summer Institute 2006 Frank Wuerthwein Particle Physics
22 Feb 2007
340-v1 Application Requirements for OSG 0.6 Frank Wuerthwein Deployment
23 Jan 2007
365-v1 gPLAZMA: Introducing RBAC Security in dCache Jon Bakken et al. Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
174-v1 gPLAZMA: grid-aware PLuggable AuthoriZation MAnagement Abhishek Rana et al. Software
14 Nov 2006
154-v1 FQANs Distilled Abhishek Rana et al. Security Plans
14 Nov 2006
94-v1 Thoughts on Requirements for ad-hoc VOs Frank Wuerthwein VOs
Security Policies
14 Nov 2006
134-v1 OSG Authorization Architecture Gabriele Carcassi et al. Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
113-v3 RBAC in Open Science Grid: OSG Role-based Authorization Architecture Ian Fisk et al. Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
95-v1 Security in a "pull" architecture Frank Wuerthwein Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
93-v1 Arguments in favor of a "pull model" Frank Wuerthwein Security Technology
14 Nov 2006
193-v1 Edge Services Frank Wuerthwein VOs
02 Nov 2006
120-v1 US LHC Baseline Services on OSG Frank Wuerthwein Blueprints
02 Nov 2006
167-v1 Edge Services Framework for OSG Frank Wuerthwein Deployment
16 Oct 2006
332-v1 What Applications need on OSG 0.4 Frank Wuerthwein Storage
13 Oct 2006
354-v1 Discussion of OSG extensions activities and partnerships Frank Wuerthwein Historical
12 Oct 2006
500-v1 Storage, Networks, and Data Management Frank Wuerthwein Networking
02 Oct 2006
288-v1 Multi-Site VOs and Multi-VO Sites in OSG Abhishek Rana et al. Communications
28 Sep 2006
364-v1 An Edge Services Framework (ESF) for EGEE, LCG, and OSG Rob Gardner et al. General Operations
27 Sep 2006
373-v1 SDSC/CIP Frank Wuerthwein Historical
26 Sep 2006
491-v1 OSG Metrics -- thoughts Frank Wuerthwein Monitoring
22 Sep 2006
379-v1 Compute Element for OSG 0.4.1 Frank Wuerthwein Integration
21 Sep 2006
282-v1 Towards Storage On-Demand on Petabyte Grids Abhishek Rana et al. Storage
14 Sep 2006
117-v1 Governance Procedures Frank Wuerthwein Historical
07 Sep 2006
99-v4 OSG Governance Procedures Frank Wuerthwein Policies
07 Sep 2006
355-v1 Application parallel session reports Frank Wuerthwein Historical
26 Jul 2006
212-v1 Ribbon Cutting Frank Wuerthwein Historical
26 Jul 2006
49-v1 welcome to OSG@UCSD Frank Wuerthwein Historical
25 Jul 2006
56-v1 dCache deployment Frank Wuerthwein Deployment
25 Jul 2006

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