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1137-v2 OSG Consortium (Council and Project) Communications Plan Clementine Jones et al. Communications
Strategic Plans
General Operations
12 Jan 2015
1150-v1 Open Science Grid and EScience in the US Lothar A.T. Bauerdick Outreach
21 Mar 2013
1095-v1 Science on OSG Frank Wuerthwein Communications
Current Outreach
21 Sep 2012
1107-v1 Open Science Grid talk at the 2012 Condor Week Lothar A.T. Bauerdick Outreach
Current Outreach
21 Sep 2012
1104-v2 OSG Introduction for new Communities Marco Mambelli et al. VOs
Current Outreach
Site Administration
21 Sep 2012
839-v4 An Introduction to OSG Chander Sehgal Outreach
21 Sep 2012
1138-v1 OSG - prepared for Marv Goldberg at NSF Lothar A.T. Bauerdick et al. Current Outreach
21 Sep 2012
603-v2 International Science Grid This Week Newsletter Terms of Reference Paul Avery et al. Outreach
03 Aug 2012
1110-v1 OSG Laboratory for Policy Makers Dan Fraser Outreach
01 Jun 2012
1098-v1 iSGTW Web Site Redesign - Outreach
11 Apr 2012
1093-v1 VO Feedback at the glideinWMS Frontend training - UCSD Jan 2012 - Outreach
06 Feb 2012
1092-v1 glideinWMS Frontend training - UCSD Jan 2012 Igor Sfiligoi Outreach
06 Feb 2012
830-v1 OSG Americas Outreach program Alina Bejan Outreach
08 Aug 2011
1051-v1 Campus High Throughput Computing (HTC) Infrastructures (aka Campus Grids) Dan Fraser Outreach
20 May 2011
1023-v1 OSG report to ASCR Terabit Network Workshop Shawn McKee Outreach
16 Feb 2011
1022-v1 Employing Open Science Grid to support National Grid Initiatives in South America and South Africa Jose Caballero et al. Outreach
03 Feb 2011
1020-v1 GridUnesp and the São Paulo State Grid initiative Rogerio L. Iope Outreach
28 Jan 2011
1019-v1 Automatic Integration Testbed: validation on the Open Science Grid Jose Caballero et al. Outreach
19 Jan 2011
1018-v1 Employing OSG to support National Grid Initiatives in South America and South Africa Jose Caballero et al. Outreach
19 Jan 2011
1007-v1 Campus CyberInfrastructure – From the Campus to the World Dan Fraser Outreach
02 Dec 2010
964-v1 OSG Meets Autonomic Computing Ruth Pordes Outreach
Year Two Workplans
09 Jun 2010
961-v1 Status of the Open Science Grid (DOSAR Workshop IX) Kent Blackburn Outreach
14 Apr 2010
940-v1 OSG Constortium Meeting Welcome from Fermilab Vicky White Outreach
24 Mar 2010
935-v1 OSG Input to Software Panel at NSF SDCI/STCI meeting Executive Board Outreach
14 Feb 2010
933-v1 OSG Paper for CyberGIS Workshop Ruth Pordes Outreach
14 Feb 2010
930-v2 Vignettes to ASCR Miron Livny et al. Outreach
11 Jan 2010
1103-v1 Distributed Research Communities, GIS and the Open Science Grid Ruth Pordes Outreach
10 Jan 2010
918-v1 Turning Software Projects into Production Solutions Dan Fraser Outreach
10 Dec 2009
917-v1 The Open Science Grid and Interoperability with TeraGrid John McGee Interoperability
09 Dec 2009
915-v1 Letters of Commitment to EU Projects - ROSCOE, EGI-InSpire, EMI Executive Board Outreach
08 Dec 2009
911-v1 Hadoop Distributed File System for the Grid Haifeng Pi Security
Particle Physics
24 Nov 2009
908-v1 Campus Infrastructures and Open the Science Grid Miron Livny et al. Outreach
30 Oct 2009
863-v1 OSG Keynote at TG09 Conference Paul Avery Outreach
12 Jul 2009
859-v1 Building Solutions for Researchers with a Science Gateway John McGee et al. Outreach
Computer Science`
29 May 2009
844-v1 Open Science Grid - A Virtual Facility - Input to DOE ASCR ESNET workshop Frank Wuerthwein Outreach
05 May 2009
766-v8 Updated Map of OSG Sites Rob Quick et al. Outreach
13 Jan 2009
805-v1 OSG Campus Grids Sebastien Goasguen Outreach
10 Dec 2008
798-v2 OSG Supercomputing Presentation Marcia Teckenbrock Outreach
06 Nov 2008
786-v1 Opportunities for Nuclear Physics to benefit from Grid Computing Frank Wuerthwein Outreach
Nuclear Physics
28 Oct 2008
779-v1 OSG at the Hadron School Ruth Pordes Outreach
14 Sep 2008
691-v0 FermiGrid - Experience and Future Plans Eileen Berman et al. Outreach
28 Aug 2008
776-v1 OSG Postcard Marcia Teckenbrock Outreach
15 Aug 2008
765-v1 SciDAC PI Meeting, July 2008 Poster Presentation Ruth Pordes Outreach
17 Jul 2008
763-v1 University of Wisconsin-Madison/OSG CNSF Presentation Todd Tannenbaum Outreach
09 Jul 2008
761-v1 New Science on the Open Science Grid Executive Board Outreach
23 Jun 2008
758-v1 The Open Science Grid: Collaborative Science on a High-Throughput Distributed Facility Ruth Pordes Outreach
12 May 2008
739-v1 Merging Education and Shared Cyberinfrastructure Alina Bejan et al. Outreach
13 Feb 2008
726-v1 The Open Science Grid: Presented at NYSGrid CI Days - December 2007 Sebastien Goasguen Outreach
06 Dec 2007
725-v1 Open Science Grid - High Throughput Computing on a National Scale - Presented at HTC Week 2007 Alain Roy Outreach
04 Dec 2007
716-v1 Open Science Grid - presented at Educause Workshop Oct '07 Kent Blackburn Outreach
26 Oct 2007
714-v1 Internet 2 CI Days Workshop John McGee Outreach
23 Oct 2007
694-v0 Frank Wuerthwein Outreach
28 Aug 2007
669-v1 Handout: CRAB Demo, SciDAC PI Meeting 2007, Boston Oliver Gutsche et al. Outreach
10 Jul 2007
667-v1 OSG Demonstration at SciDAC PI meeting Ruth Pordes Outreach
07 Jul 2007
651-v1 TeraGrid Data Transfer Outside Unknown Outreach
05 Jul 2007
640-v1 Communicating via files – an OSG perspective Miron Livny Outreach
05 Jul 2007
635-v1 The Open Science Grid Ruth Pordes Outreach
25 Jun 2007
626-v1 Open Science Grid: Linking Universities and Laboratories In National Cyberinfrastructure Paul Avery Outreach
12 Jun 2007
614-v1 FermiGrid and OSG Experience Keith Chadwick Outreach
18 May 2007
580-v1 Analyzing Millions of Gigabyte of LHC Data for CMS - Discover the Higgs on OSG Oliver Gutsche Outreach
05 Apr 2007
522-v1 Open Science Grid Finding the heart of Community, Campus and National Grids Ruth Pordes Outreach
20 Dec 2006
519-v2 Open Science Grid Ruth Pordes Outreach
07 Dec 2006
508-v1 OSG Report to the MAGIC Group Ruth Pordes Outreach
07 Nov 2006
492-v1 Challenges in a Production Grid -- Presented at Grid World 2006 Leigh Grundhoefer et al. Outreach
07 Nov 2006
410-v1 Talk Given a the International Conference on Supercomputing Bill Kramer Outreach
12 Oct 2006
291-v2 Perspective on Campus Usage and Needs: TTU Experience with Grid Computing Alan Sill Outreach
11 Oct 2006
280-v1 Opening the Open Science Grid Dane Skow Outreach
03 Oct 2006
466-v1 OSG Engagement - Strategy and Status John McGee Outreach
02 Oct 2006
442-v1 The Open Science Grid OSG Ruth Pordes Outreach
29 Sep 2006
14-v1 U.S. Grids for Physics: Grid2003 and Beyond OSG Consortium Board Outreach
28 Sep 2006
497-v1 OSG - University of Maryland September 13, 2006 Ruth Pordes Outreach
15 Sep 2006

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