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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1137-v2 OSG Consortium (Council and Project) Communications Plan Clementine Jones et al. Communications
General Operations
Strategic Plans
12 Jan 2015
1200-v1 OSG PKI Transition: Experiences and Lessons Learned Mine Altunay et al. Communications
Lessons Learned
General Operations
02 Sep 2014
1116-v1 OSG Certificate Usage Analysis Von Welch General Operations
Security Plans
30 Jul 2012
1109-v0 CA Transition Contingency Plan, Risk Analysis, Response Procedures Keith Chadwick General Operations
15 May 2012
1097-v1 OSG DigiCert Pilot Report Mine Altunay et al. Lessons Learned
General Operations
Security Plans
28 Mar 2012
762-v11 OSG Core Services Mine Altunay et al. General Operations
29 Aug 2011
310-v2 OSG Proposed Program of Work OSG Council General Operations
09 Jan 2011
1014-v1 Operating a production pilot factory serving several scientific domains - et al. General Operations
05 Jan 2011
962-v0 A Comparison of Job Submission Methods on the Open Science Grid Dan Fraser et al. Job Submission
General Operations
20 Apr 2010
883-v2 OSG Administrative Project List Jemise Lockhart General Operations
18 Sep 2009
852-v1 OSG Contingency and Availability Planning Ruth Pordes General Operations
14 May 2009
731-v1 RSV Version 2 Project Plan Rob Quick Monitoring
General Operations
Site Administration
02 Jan 2008
583-v1 Workload Management Systems Evaluation and Integration Burt Holzman General Operations
05 Apr 2007
533-v1 Registration Email Templates Rob Quick VOs
General Operations
Support Centers
Site Administration
06 Feb 2007
141-v1 OSG Software Release Leigh Grundhoefer General Operations
12 Jan 2007
38-v2 notes re breakouts; Wednesday 2004.12.01 Doug Pearson General Operations
20 Oct 2006
383-v1 NGOP - General Operations
19 Oct 2006
36-v1 Open Science Grid Introduction Ruth Pordes General Operations
11 Oct 2006
455-v1 Steven Timm's Parallel Session Steven Timm General Operations
02 Oct 2006
364-v1 An Edge Services Framework (ESF) for EGEE, LCG, and OSG Rob Gardner et al. General Operations
27 Sep 2006
92-v1 Installation of SAMGrid on Grid3/OSG site Joel Snow General Operations
27 Sep 2006
178-v2 Operating the Open Science Grid Doug Olson General Operations
22 Sep 2006
429-v3 Operations Process WG - Job Priorities Dietrich Liko General Operations
22 Sep 2006
430-v1 Operations Process WG - Glexec Deployment Models and Pilot Jobs David Groep General Operations
22 Sep 2006
416-v1 Operations: Experience till Now and What is Needed to Change Alessandra Forti et al. General Operations
22 Sep 2006
437-v1 Report from Operations Process Alessandra Forti et al. General Operations
22 Sep 2006
356-v0 Operations parallel session reports - General Operations
21 Sep 2006
55-v1 OSG Operations Model v0.1.0 Doug Pearson General Operations
21 Sep 2006
72-v3 OSG Operations Plan for 2005 Support Centers TG General Operations
Support Centers
21 Sep 2006
115-v1 Report from Operations Activity Doug Olson General Operations
21 Sep 2006
33-v2 Operations Issues Leigh Grundhoefer General Operations
21 Sep 2006
407-v1 Welcome, status update and goals of the workshop Ian Bird et al. General Operations
21 Sep 2006

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