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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1026-v1 Virtual Environments for Prototyping Tier-3 Clusters Marco Mambelli et al. Deployment
Site Administration
22 Feb 2011
1009-v1 Survey about the setup of clusters in OSG Marco Mambelli Deployment
Site Administration
16 Dec 2010
840-v3 Space Accounting/Storage Requirements for Gratia Brian Bockelman et al. Deployment
21 May 2009
674-v1 MPI Jobs on OSG Leesa Brieger et al. Deployment
10 Aug 2007
340-v1 Application Requirements for OSG 0.6 Frank Wuerthwein Deployment
23 Jan 2007
28-v6 Open Science Grid Deployment Plan - Spring 2005 Deployment Deployment
19 Oct 2006
167-v1 Edge Services Framework for OSG Frank Wuerthwein Deployment
16 Oct 2006
252-v1 Installation of the Compute Element software Rob Quick Deployment
13 Oct 2006
274-v0 Logistics and timetable for OSG Release 0.4 Razvan Popescu Deployment
13 Oct 2006
292-v1 SAMGrid as a Stakeholder of FermiGrid Valeria Bartsch Deployment
Consortium Members
12 Oct 2006
408-v2 OSG Preliminary Project Execution Plan OSG Council Deployment
11 Oct 2006
420-v1 Release Processes in OSG Rob Gardner Deployment
11 Oct 2006
382-v3 The NFS Lite CE Installation on OSG Terrence Martin Deployment
03 Oct 2006
419-v1 Cross Grid Release Issues Rob Gardner Deployment
29 Sep 2006
306-v2 ESF: Edge Services Framework for Computational Grids Alexandre Vaniachine Deployment
27 Sep 2006
369-v1 Grid Deployment Experiences: The evaluation and initial deployment of R-GMA for production quality monitoring. - Monitoring
27 Sep 2006
368-v1 Grid Deployment Experiences: The current state of grid monitoring and information systems. - Deployment
26 Sep 2006
300-v3 OSG Function Set 0.4 Definition Razvan Popescu et al. Deployment
22 Sep 2006
37-v1 OSG Deployment Activity Jorge Rodriguez Deployment
25 Jul 2006
63-v1 OSG Deployment Report Ruth Pordes Deployment
25 Jul 2006
56-v1 dCache deployment Frank Wuerthwein Deployment
25 Jul 2006
414-v2 Release and Deployment Process Lukasz Skital Deployment
07 Jul 2006
435-v1 Report from Release and Deployment Process WG Lukasz Skital Deployment
07 Jul 2006
359-v0 Complete 0.4.1 Deployment Plans - Deployment
08 Jun 2006
26-v1 Input to Deployment ACtivity Deployment Deployment
29 Jun 2005
20-v2 OSG Deployment Activity OSG Partners Deployment
29 Jun 2005
114-v1 Report from Deployment Activity Dane Skow Deployment
28 Jun 2005
144-v1 OSG 0.2 Provisioning Status Dane Skow Deployment
28 Jun 2005
163-v1 OSG 0.2 Metrics and Goals Ruth Pordes Deployment
28 Jun 2005
164-v1 OSG 0.4 Release Candidate Plans Ruth Pordes Deployment
28 Jun 2005

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