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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1092-v1 glideinWMS Frontend training - UCSD Jan 2012 Igor Sfiligoi Training/Education
06 Feb 2012
1026-v1 Virtual Environments for Prototyping Tier-3 Clusters Marco Mambelli et al. Deployment
Site Administration
22 Feb 2011
1024-v1 OSG 2010 Summer School Final Report Tim Cartwright Training/Education
22 Feb 2011
889-v1 Documentation Alignment - Description of Architect Role James Weichel Procedures
23 Sep 2009
864-v2 National Workforce Development: Executive Board Training/Education
14 Jul 2009
861-v2 OSG Documentation Alignment Initiative Rob Gardner et al. Proposals
08 Jul 2009
580-v1 Analyzing Millions of Gigabyte of LHC Data for CMS - Discover the Higgs on OSG Oliver Gutsche Training/Education
05 Apr 2007
241-v1 Grid Education and Communication Soma Mukherjee Training/Education
12 Jan 2007
308-v1 Teaching and Learning with the Open Science Grid Marge Bardeen Training/Education
02 Nov 2006
336-v0 Training and Education Mike Wilde Training/Education
26 Oct 2006
461-v1 Education and Training Mike Wilde Training/Education
26 Oct 2006
349-v1 Overview of OSG Program of Work, Organization, Education and Training Ruth Pordes Training/Education
26 Oct 2006
467-v1 The Grid Technology Cookbook Mary Trauner et al. Training/Education
26 Oct 2006
291-v2 Perspective on Campus Usage and Needs: TTU Experience with Grid Computing Alan Sill Training/Education
11 Oct 2006
148-v1 QuarkNet/Grid OSG Partners Training/Education
07 Sep 2006

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