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OSG-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1106-v1 Computer Science Research needed for OSG to be successful in 2020. Executive Board Proposals
24 Apr 2012
1091-v1 Open Science Grid proposal to DOE and NSF July 2011 Executive Board Proposals
06 Feb 2012
1025-v1 Any Data, Anytime, Anywhere Brian Bockelman et al. Proposals
07 Dec 2011
1028-v2 OSG User Support Process Overview Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Procedures
12 Jul 2011
207-v1 Solicitation for Preproposals Ruth Pordes Proposals
24 May 2011
1033-v1 Any Data, Anywhere, Anytime White Paper Frank Wuerthwein Proposals
11 Mar 2011
1030-v1 Open Science Grid (OSG) Operations and Systems Engineering (OSE) Services Executive Board Proposals
03 Mar 2011
1029-v1 Software Infrastructure Supplement for the OSG Proposal Alain Roy Proposals
03 Mar 2011
850-v5 OSG Project Management System Overview Dan Fraser et al. Procedures
03 Mar 2011
1027-v1 OSG and XD Executive Board Proposals
03 Mar 2011
999-v1 OSG DOE HEP/NP 1-year Extension Proposal Miron Livny et al. Proposals
22 Dec 2010
980-v1 HTPC Annual Report 2010 Dan Fraser et al. Proposals
07 Sep 2010
941-v1 TG10 Student Proposal to NSF Ruth Pordes et al. Proposals
29 Mar 2010
861-v2 OSG Documentation Alignment Initiative Rob Gardner et al. Proposals
08 Jul 2009
188-v1 OSG Pre-proposal solicitation Jim Shank Proposals
26 Jul 2006

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