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LCG-OSG Interoperability

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16 Aug 2005, 09:11
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08 Sep 2005, 10:13
LCG-OSG Interoperability
We will demonstrate a prototype interoperability driver for the US CMS MOP that allows the MOP to submit jobs to both the LCG and OSG. MOP is currently used as a system to distribute CMS production jobs over the OSG. It has been used extensively during several Grid and CMS milestones including the CMS Pre-Challenge Production and Grid3. This prototype work includes the establishment of a joint development environment for studying LCG/OSG interoperability at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and The University of Iowa. The development environment has been used to investigate the LCG RB (resource broker) as well as the configuration of the LCG BDII (Berkeley Database Information Index) and GIP (generic information provider) in the OSG/VDT context. This demonstration shows how the prototype MOP interoperability driver is implemented to interact with the LCG RB based on the information from the BDII collected through the GIP.
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SC2005 held on 29 Jun 2006 in Seattle Washington
Consortium Mtg: Milwaukee held from 20 Jul 2005 to 22 Jul 2005
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