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CMS Software Deployment on the Open Science Grid (OSG)

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The CMS experiment will begin data collection at the end of 2007 and released its software with new framework since the end of 2005. The CMS experiment employs a tiered distributed computing based on the Grids, the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) and the Open Science Grid (OSG). There are approximately 37 tiered CMS centers around the world. The number of the CMS software releases was three per month on average. This corresponds to roughly 100 CMS software installations.

A set of software deployment tools has been developed for the installation, verification, and deprecation of a release. The tools are mainly targeted for deployment on the OSG.

The main features are the capability of the instant release deployment and the corrective resubmission of the installation jobs. We also use an independent web-based
deployment portal with the Grid security infrastructure login mechanism.

We have been deploying approximately 220 CMS softwares releases and one gLite User Interface at each site using the tools on the OSG to provide LCG-OSG interoperability. We found the tools are reliable and can be adaptable to cope with problems with changes in the Grid computing environment and the software releases. We will expand the set of sites at which we maintain CMS software deployments on the OSG

We will present the design of the tools, an analysis of statistics that we gathered during the operation of the tools, and our experience with the CMS software deployment on the OSG Grid computing environment.

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