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Open Science Grid Security Activities

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Doug Olson
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Doug Olson
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04 Apr 2008, 01:10
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04 Apr 2008, 01:10
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04 Apr 2008, 01:10
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The status and directions of the security activities of the Open Science Grid. The high-level goal is to provide a security framework that enables science and promotes autonomous and open science collaboration among VOs, sites, and software providers. Keeping the balance between openness, which is necessary for the science, and the security is at the core of our work. We address these goals by providing: operational security, interoperability with other grids, and education. The operational security processes are modeled on the NIST 800-53 guidelines for security controls for information systems and includes appropriate communications channels for vulnerability awareness and incident response. Interoperability work spans the range from international policy development (JSPG, IGTF) to inter-grid information services to middleware development coordination (MWSG). Using the concept of Integrated Security Management where every person has responsibilities for security, we have started developing awareness materials and providing role-based training on security practices and features to grid participants.
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ISGC2008 held on 07 Apr 2008 in Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
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