Topic Guidelines

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Activities Includes implementation and logistical presentations and papers regarding OSG
Accounting Requirements, information and reports relating to accounting and its software (programming)
Blueprints A guide or roadmap detailing the architecture, design and principles
General Operations General operating support and services information
Integration Performs and validates middleware and other integration, includes Testbed
Interoperability Addresses logistical and operational issues relevant to grid and/or infrastructure and/or project interoperability or collaborations
Metrics Definitions, plans, and reports for definition of goals and their measurement
Monitoring Systems and availability to monitor operations
Networking Documents pertaining to networking Activity
Site Administration Documents pertaining to site administration
Storage Documents pertaining to storage Activity
Support Centers Documents pertaining to support center Activity
VOs Documents pertaining to VO Group Activity
VO Requirements Documents describing plans and requirements by fiscal year.
Communications A broad category that includes materials and resources created for education and outreach, including strategic planning for the future of OSG
Education/Training Organization and delivery of training, workshops and classes
Outreach Informational and useful presentations about OSG
Strategic Plans Planning of future steps for OSG activities
Resources Actual materials useful for education and outreach
Work Orders Specific requests for communications and outreach work
Governance Policy and project development, and general managerial issues
Agreements Memoranda of Understanding (note we do not have formal contracts), Service Level Agreements, agreements of Support or other agreements that are for collaboration and dependence between OSG and other projects or communities
Budget & Finance Documents associated with the budget and financials associated with OSG and its satellite projects
Lessons Learned Issues learned, insight gained, via any activities in OSG
Policies A statement of requirements, conditions, or preferences that guides decisions and actions within the infrastructure
Procedures Detailed course of action for OSG activity or process
Proposals Solicitation, description or details of proposals
Reports Self-assessment, agenda (DOE and NSF) reports and other official reports from the OSG
Reviews Functional, internal and external reviews
Stakeholder Meetings Minutes from OSG management stakeholder meetings (held quarterly, semi-annually, adhoc, etc.)
Support Letters Official letters of support from OSG
Work Plans Reserved for project management
Historical Dating from a time that is no longer relevant to current OSG operations, project and activities
Security Documents related to the protection of OSG assets
General Security A catch-all category for security documents
Security Plans Planning documents for OSG security activities
Security Policies Statements of requirements, conditions, and recommendations for security in OSG
Security Technology Documents related to the technology that protects OSG assets
Science Research, papers and publications
Software Any software or middleware, if you need a new topic please email
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