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Official OSG Documents
Annual Report to DOE & NSF (March 2016)
Annual Report to DOE & NSF (March 2015)
Annual Report to DOE & NSF (March 2014)
Annual Report to DOE & NSF (February 2013)
Annual Report to NSF (July 2012)
Annual Report to NSF (June 2011)
Annual Report to DOE (Dec. 2010)
Annual Report to NSF (June 2010)
Annual Report to DOE (Dec. 2009)
Annual Report to NSF (June 2009)
Annual Report to DOE (Dec. 2008)
Annual Report to NSF (July 2008)
Annual Report to NSF (July 2007)
2007 Submission to SciDAC
Charter - PDF Word
By-laws - PDF, Word
Blueprint - PDF, Word
Program of Work
User Acceptable Use Policy - PDF, Word
Service Agreement/Acceptable Use Policy - PDF, Word
Using DocDB
DocDB is the central document repository for documents relating to the OSG. DocDB has versioning as well as different security levels for private documents. The types of documents that should be included are blueprint documents, presentations given at a conference or collaboration meeting or papers published in a journal, among others. Items that may not be appropriate for DocDB are "working documents," (i.e., weekly technical activity meeting minutes, operations reports, etc...) generally, the items that are created and maintained in the "OSG At Work" Twiki.

Those who wish to post or update documents in DocDB must have a valid DOEgrids or Fermilab KCA certificate.
Note: Certificate users will need to apply for access the first time they access DocDB with their certificate.
Security Groups for OSG DocDB:

Security GroupWho May be a MemberInformation Class*
OSGStaffThose reporting effort to the OSG Project, Security Team, External Project Liasions on the Executive Board, people accepted by the Security Team Officer or Executive DirectorRestricted
OSGMemberRead-only group for all consortium members and Partners.Limited
docdbadmDocDB AdministratorsRestricted
OSGCouncilOSG Council membersRestricted
OSGSecurityOSG Security Team membersRestricted
OSGPlansOSG Finance and Planning Team membersRestricted
* Information Classes
Restricted data - recipients may not disclose information that cannot be discovered elsewhere and the data is available only to individuals white-listed by the data owner.
Limited data - used for OSG business purposes. Use covers when there is a need to know, by either core OSG Staff or OSG Partners (i.e., operational information which is not intended to be disseminated publicly).
Public data - has no privacy requirements.

For more assistance, contact the OSG DocDB Administrators.
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